Against All Odds

Everyone has a purpose. The Bible says that God knew us before we were even born and every day of our lives were mapped out for us before we even began our journey. When I was around 18 months old I contracted a serious illness that the doctors believed was encephalitis. The doctor didn’t expect me to survive but God had other plans. When I did pull through I was left with a brain injury due to the extremely high fever I had encountered. My speech was badly affected and tests showed I had an IQ of only 75. The doctors told my parents that I would never go to school and it would be best if I was institutionalized. My mother was devastated but my father believed they could raise me. By some miracle I did go to school but it was very difficult. I had many phobias that caused me to be greatly afraid of many things. However I had a teacher that was very patient with me. Even though I was easily distracted and would leave my seat to look out the window she handled me with love. She even got me to stand up in front of the class and sing “Away in the Manger.” God’s hand was on me all the way through school and I even went to college for two years. Over the years my IQ increased phenomenally which isn’t supposed to happen. But then what do the doctors know? God knows better. God’s plan for me is to write and He has made sure that nothing stood in my way. God has a plan for you too and it is up to each person to discover what it is. Everyone has a special talent for something. God gives these to people for a reason. The gifts are to be used for His glory. I know God wants me to bring glory to Him through my writing. This is why I have written six books and am planning to continue as long as my Heavenly Father gives me breath. Please take a look at them under “My Books.” You can click under each one where it lists the Amazon website and it will take you right to them. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about them. My email is: ahartman32@sio.midco.net.

My Brush With Death

I have had many brushes with death over my life but I will tell you about one of them. Several years ago I was on a missions outreach to Peru with a medical group. We were there for eight days and then it was time to come home. The last day just before heading out to the airport I suddenly became very ill. We were on a tour bus to see the city when I collapsed. They had me lie down on the seat and we just happened to be on the upper tier of the bus which made it very ugly. Fortunately I was surrounded with nurses and doctors because it was a medical mission. The doctor took my blood pressure and couldn’t even detect it because it was so low. I was gasping for air. This was the result of my rock bottom blood pressure. By now everyone was praying for me fervently while the doctor’s wife was pleading with the bus driver to hurry to the nearest hospital. He refused to budge because it was against the law for him to drive until everyone was seated and strapped in. Of course this was impossible under the circumstances. Once the driver realized the severity of the situation he drove the bus to the nearest medical facility. In the mean time God heard the desperate prayers of the medical team and my blood pressure miraculously began to climb. As soon as the danger was over everyone was struck with the fact that I nearly died and the women broke into tears – both of relief and the fear that my blood pressure could begin dropping again. At last, which seemed like a life time, I arrived at the hospital. Two men from the hospital hurried up the steps and they managed to get me on my feet. I struggled with their help, one on each arm until I made it to the bottom of the steps where I passed out. The next thing I know I was on a gurney being wheeled into the hospital. I was given an IV and after ward was out of danger. But I felt sicker than a dog and my husband and I had to remain behind a couple of days until I was well enough to travel. The first night I had a special nurse who stayed with me and made me drink fluids every two hours. It was quite an ordeal but I came through it. Later I learned that part of it was my fault for not drinking enough water. A viral intestinal infection was the other culprit which only added to my problem. Fortunately my husband and I made it home ok and I know that God spared my life. He had a plan for me and that plan was for me to write books as well as blog. He wants to use me in this way to reach people for Christ as well as give them hope. He wants to use every Christian with the talents He has given them.

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“Adrienne Hartman has a relentless passion to spread truth and hope through her writings.”  Dr. Nathan Unruh